Fire Extinguisher Inspection Expands Its Innovative Solutions

Professional Fire Service Inc. announces the expansion of its innovative fire extinguisher inspection solutions to Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Manhattan.

NEW YORK, UNITED STATE – JANUARY 19TH, 2024 – Steven Calder is pleased to inform the residents of Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Manhattan that Professional Fire Service Inc. is expanding its innovative fire extinguisher inspection services to these regions.

Professional Fire Service Inc. offers various fire extinguishing services to improve safety standards through advanced fire extinguisher services. They sell and service all available kinds and sizes of fire extinguishers that are specific to business and industry needs.

Their wealth of 35 years of expertise in this field enables them to adequately identify clients’ unique extinguisher needs that adhere to statutory fire codes. Residents can count on them to provide top-quality brands and products in the fire industry when needed.

All through their 35 years of experience in the fire industry, they have serviced several Fortune 500 companies, national retail chains, municipal establishments, restaurants, and property management companies. Professional Fire Service Inc. provides an extensive range of fire extinguisher services.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Service

Professional Fire Service understands the importance of keeping establishments safe and compliant. They also put a high emphasis on customer service and safety.

A certified fire extinguisher service NYC operator is always available to walk clients through an on-site walk-through of the facility. The operator will ensure the following are in order:

  • The exact type of extinguisher specific to the business/operation is on the premises.
  • The extinguishers are charged and in proper working order, tagged, and in good and safe working condition.
  • The extinguishers are in the proper location throughout the establishment.

During an on-site inspection, they will also determine if an extinguisher must undergo further testing like a Six-Year Maintenance or a Hydrostatic Test.

Fire Extinguisher Service First Aid Kits

Professional Fire Extinguisher Service offers a full selection of fire-related first aid kits and refills to keep handy in the event of a fire. Below are the varieties of kits that they offer to help anyone at home or on the job heal from fire-related harm.

  • Compact First Aid Kits: These first aid kits provide a standard and economical solution for personal home and vehicle use.
  • Vehicle First Aid Kits: These first aid kits are specifically designed around the needs of vehicle users.
  • Commercial and Industrial First Aid Kits: They are specifically designed for workplaces, including food-safe first aid kits.
  • Home and Business Fire Safety Kits: This kind of fire safety product kit offers absolute peace of mind. They provide different levels of fire protection, from the very elementary fire extinguisher/fire blanket package to complete multi-fire extinguisher home coverage.

About The Company

Professional Fire Service, Inc. (PFS) is a rapidly growing fire extinguisher company that was established in 1980. Its headquarters is located in Long Island, New York.

They are a second-generation, family-owned and operated business. Professional Fire Service Inc. is expanding all service markets to include Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Manhattan.

Professional Fire Service Inc. has been serving Long Island and New York City for 35 years. They pride themselves in offering unrivaled customer service and low possible prices on high-quality, reliable products.

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