Trending Originals (TreOri) Unveils Revolutionary Solar Eclipse Interactive Map

“Discover the cosmos with TreOri’s interactive solar eclipse map, a user-friendly guide for optimal viewing experiences of celestial events.”

Edmonton, Canada – January 10, 2024 – Trending Originals (TreOri), a boutique of creativity and design experimentation, proudly unveils its latest resource: a user-centric total solar eclipse map. This essential guide accessible from TreOri – Astronomy is crafted to serve both novice observers and those with a seasoned eye for the stars, marking the path of the total eclipse slated for April 8th, 2024, across North America.

Navigate the Skies with Ease: TreOri’s User-Friendly Eclipse Map

Authored by TreOri’s passionate design team, this digital map is a fusion of design expertise and a growing fascination with solar eclipses. “Our goal is to simplify the astronomical journey for our users. This map embodies our dedication to merging intuitive design with practical utility,” explains Adrian G., the creative force behind TreOri. Available on their Astronomy portal, the tool invites users to meticulously plan their eclipse-viewing itinerary.

Why This Solar Eclipse Map is a Game-Changer for Eclipse Chasers

The total solar eclipse interactive map by TreOri is more than just a navigational tool; it’s a comprehensive guide that includes detailed schedules, precise locations, and practical viewing tips for upcoming solar eclipses. 

The map’s intuitive design allows users to effortlessly locate the best viewing spots for the upcoming total eclipse in 2024.

This resource is especially invaluable for travellers and eclipse chasers who rely on closely accurate and detailed information to experience these rare phenomena fully. The map’s user-friendly interface provides real-time updates and reminders allowing for easy planning, making it an essential tool for both novice and experienced eclipse enthusiasts who seek to witness the wonder of eclipses without the guesswork.

About Trending Originals (TreOri)

From its inception in 2016 as an imaginative online clothing retailer to its evolution into an independent e-commerce platform, Trending Originals (TreOri) has been a beacon of originality and unique fashion. With a product line extending from tees to a variety of accessories, TreOri is working to transcend its beginnings on Etsy and Amazon to deliver creativity straight to customers’ doorsteps.

Embarking on an astronomical journey in 2017, TreOri has embraced the mystery of solar eclipses as a source of inspiration and education. This led to the embedding and authoring of the interactive total solar eclipse map, accessible at, which is an embodiment of TreOri’s commitment to design and the wonders of the cosmos.

While TreOri’s primary focus remains on the magnificence of total solar eclipses, their exploration also encompasses the beauty of partial, hybrid, and annular eclipses, showcasing their dedication to the full spectrum of these celestial events.

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